Anonymous: are you doing any sex imagines ?? if you are can i get one with taylor caniff pls 😉😘 .

Taylor Imagine #1

This imagine contains sexual content, so if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t read it.

“Come on Y/N, I’m hungry!” Taylor whined for probably the 25th time in five minutes. The two of you were in the mall together, strolling through the different shops. You only were there for about 20 minutes, but your noisy boyfriend already had enough, considering that his stomach was growling. “Taylor, we just fucking ate lunch! 20 MINUTES AGO.” you declared, pulling him along. Groaning, he shuffled after you. After ten more of his attempts to get something to eat, you rolled your eyes and finally gave in. “Jesus Christ Taylor!” you snapped at him, his eyes widening in surprise, “Fine, we’re going to get something to eat. But afterwards I don’t want to hear another complain from you! It was your idea to come here.” You felt bad for snapping at him like that, but it annoyed you. Taylor always did that. He suggested something to do and then he would just complain and whine the whole time about something because it turned out he didn’t like it. Looking up at him, his head hung low. Caressing his cheek, you pressed a soft his on his lips, making his eyes look into yours. “Look, I..I’m sorry, Taylor. Let’s just get something to eat and then we can leave if you want.” you apologized. A small smile played on his lips and he took his hand in yours, interwining your fingers. “No, we don’t need to leave. I’m sorry too. It was my idea and I want you to have a nice day and I’m just here complaining.” he uttered, “Come on.” He gave you a passionate kiss and you smiled at each other as you pulled away. “I love you.” he mumbled before giving you another short kiss. “I love you too, you dork.” you laughed as he took your hand, taking off to the little restaurant ahead. You stumbled behind, crashing into him as he stopped abruptly. “Ouch…” you mumbled, rubbing your nose. You didn’t know what caused him to stand still, as the restaurant was only a few feet away. Looking up, you saw a store window, ‘Victoria’s Secret’ written on it in big pink letters. “I thought you were hungry?” you teased, smirking up at him. “Well,” he replied, eyes flicking to yours and back to the shop, “maybe the food can wait.” A mischievous smirk on his face and without another word, he pulled you inside. Immediately being surrounded by a sweet scent of roses and several other flowers, you glanced up at the monitors, showing past catwalk shows. Taylor led you to the underwear and bikinis, his eyes searching through the racks. Not even a minute later you had about five sets of lingerie and three swimsuits in your arms, making your way to the changing rooms. Shimmying out of your tights, you discarded your top and skirt and tried on the first set of lingerie. It was pink with lots of lace, suspenders and black stockings. You bent down to fix the suspenders and stockings as the curtain opened and Taylor stepped inside. Looking at him through the mirror, you smirked as his gace was glued to your bum. Swaying your body slightly, you stood up straight again and turned around. Taylor’s eyes were full of lust and love and he couldn’t disregard the way you looked. You had to admit yourself that you felt quite confident. The bra pushed your breasts up a bit, putting them into view, much to Taylor’s liking. “Damn, Y/N. If you knew how hot you look right now.” With two quick steps he stood in front of you, grabbing your waist and smashing his lips onto yours. Tongues fighting for dominance, he pushed you up at the wall, your legs wrapping around his waist. As his hands wandered to the clasp of the bra, you pushed him away a bit, his lips turning into a frown. “Taylor,” you scolded, “we can’t do this here. Let’s get home at least to finish this.” He groaned, grinding his hips into yours, your head falling back. “But Y/N.. You look so fucking hot right now, I can’t wait that long, as well my little buddy down there.” he mentioned, pointing at his pretty obvious bulge, “We just have to be quiet. Please babe, this can’t wait.” Giving you the puppy dog eyes, you let out a sigh, giving in. Before you could say anything, Taylor took your reaction as an answer and smashed his lips onto yours again, fiddling with the clasp once more. Finally opening it, he got rid of your bra, throwing it in the corner. His lips wandered down your collarbones to your breasts, sucking and biting on your nipples. You let out a loud moan at the sudden pleasure and Taylor was quick to cover your mouth with his hand. “Shh, we don’t want anyone to hear, do we?” he whispered and winked, before setting you down on the floor again just to crouch down, face to face with your crotch. He could see your arousal as the panties began to dampen. “Aw, babe, looks like we need to buy them.” he cooed, cupping your heat through the thin fabric. Your breath hitched in your throat and you had to cover your mouth so you wouldn’t moan out loud. Rubbing you through the pink lace panties, Taylor placed open mouth kisses up your thighs, getting nearer and nearer to where you wanted him the most. He hooked his fingers in the waistband, pulling them down awfully slow. Goosebumps rose on your body as his hot breath hit your center. He gently pushed your legs apart, kneeling down inbetween. Teasing you, he rubbed one finger along your slit, your knees going weak. “Remember, be quiet, babygirl.” he whispered before slowly inserting one finger, moving it at a slow but steady pace. Squeezing your eyes shut, you pressed your lips together, muffling your moans. Taylor quickly increased his speed and added another finger, making it harder not to scream out loud. Your walls started clenching as you felt your orgasm approaching. “Tay..Taylor, I-I’m coming.” you whisper yelled, legs trembling. Taylor pulled out immediately, leaving you feeling empty. You let out a whine and he quickly captured your lips with his to keep you silent. Still kissing, moved your hands to unbutton his pants, pulling them down. They pooled at his ankles and he stepped out of them as you palmed him through his boxers, making him let out a throaty groan. “Shh..” you mocked him, “We don’t want to get caught, do we?” Giggling, you pulled off his boxers as slow as he did with your panties before, making him whimper. As soon as they were gone, his member sprung up, standing proud as ever. Placing a kiss to the tip, you grabbed his base and slowly began pumping, pre-cum leaking quickly. You took this as a sign to put him into your mouth, going as deep as you could. You gagged and Taylor’s hands tangled in your hair, immediately guiding you. Relaxing your jaw, you let him fuck your mouth until you felt him twitch. Quickly releasing his grip on your hair you pulled away, making a popping sound. He whimpered again at the sudden loss of contact as you stood up straight, smirking. “Jump.” Taylor mumbled in your ear and grabbed your bum, your legs wrapping around his waist. Pushing you against the wall once more, he pumped his length a few times before slowly inserting himself. He threw his head back in pleasure as you bit down on his shoulder, trying hard not to moan. He went as a quick pace to get you to your release as fast as possible. “T-Taylor, s..shit, faster, go f-faster.” you whispered, your eyes fluttering close. He obeyed and put one leg over his shoulder, fastening his pace and going deeper with every thrust. You felt your orgasm approaching again and so did Taylor, as your walls clenched around him, driving him crazy. He moved his hand to your clit and started to rub furiously, nearing his own orgasm. “Shit, Y/N, I..I’m..” Taylor couldn’t finish his sentence as he twitched and shooted his load deep inside of you, the same time you reached your peak, your body trembling and going limp. Taylor thrusted sloppily, riding out both of your highs, before pulling out and setting you down again. Placing a kiss on your sweaty forehead, he held your waist as your legs wouldn’t carry you yet.

Regaining your breath, you smiled up at him to find him already looking at you. “See, we didn’t get caught.” he whispered. Suddenly there was a cough outside the changing room and a woman spoke up. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but there are customers waiting to try on clothes and I have been told that you didn’t leave the past ten minutes. So I have to ask you to dress yourself and leave the changing room please.” Your face went red with embarassment as Taylor let out a loud laugh. You quickly dressed again and picked up the lingerie, rushing out and past the waiting line of other people. Taylor wrapped his arm around you, trying to shield you from their stares.

After the two of you left, you stood still and took a deep breath, your cheeks still red from getting caught. He hugged you tight, rubbing your back. “So are we still going to get something to eat or round two at home?” Taylor asked. Pulling away, you swatted his chest and pulled him out of the mall to his Range Rover, ready to get home as fast as possible.

I hope it’s what you wanted :)

I didn’t proof read this time, so sorry if there are any mistakes.

Feedback is appreciated!

Requests are open!

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